Waffle Socks

I wasn’t terribly happy with the cuffs on the last pair of socks, so I decided to try something different.

Pattern:  In my googling, I ran across a “waffle” pattern:

Row 1: K2 P2, repeat
Row 2: K2 P2, repeat
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: Knit
repeat rows 1-4

So I made 3 waffles across the top of the foot of the sock, and then after the heel I did waffle all around.
I also finally did a short row toe, which I like a lot better in terms of construction than the magic toe made with increases. I decreased 4 on each side for the short row toe and heel.  Baby socks 2 I only decreased 3 on each side for the heel; I think this one worked out better.
Socks made with 24 stitches in the round.
And here’s the result, definitely my favorite pair of socks yet!
Yarn: Soxx Appeal again.  Made these four baby socks from one skein with tons of yarn left over.  Could probably make 2 more socks.
Needles: US size 2
Baby socks

baby socks 2

Yarn: I didn’t like the yarn on the first set of socks. I heard about Knit One Crochet Too Soxx Appeal yarn from the KeyboardBiologist (ie, this post), so I ordered some up. In plum, of course.

When I was first knitting with it I thought it wouldn’t work.  I knew it has some elastic in it, which I thought would be good for helping socks stay on, but it took a bit of time to learn to knit with it.  Not too much time; well before I was done with the first sock, the unnaturalness of the stretch was no longer noticeable.

I kept the cuffs close to the top of the ankle, hoping that would help them stay on, but I don’t think it helped.

baby socks 2