Moving my Knitting Blog

I’d like to move my knitting blog to wordpress.  Blogger seems too hard to do from my iphone, I thought I’d try this.


Welcome to Gwen’s Needles

I’ve started knitting a lot again.  I’ve found time for it while breastfeeding my third child and while watching the older two play happily by themselves.

I started on some easy projects.  Well, not so easy at first, but fast.  I taught myself how to make socks, using a short row heel and toe.  I also tried the magic cast on.

Turns out baby socks are super fast because they are so small.  And they’re totally useful, as store bought socks all seem to be too short and too fat for my daughter’s feet!

I’ve made three pairs of baby socks, sized for the 2-month-old and under.  Now I’m working on some socks for my 2-year-old son and daughter.  (Yes, they’re twins.)