Cassie’s Kalajoki Socks


Cassie's Kalajoki Socks, top view

Cassie’s Kalajoki Socks, top view

Cassie wanted socks made out of the yarn I used for my niece. My description of the pattern I used is on ravelry as Cassie’s Kalajoki Socks. I wanted to make socks with a fancy pattern on the front. A quick ravelry search lead me to the Kalajoki pattern. I liked the nice smooth zig-zag pattern, and wanted to know how it was done, so I decided to use it.  I used the standard sock pattern I’ve been using to make kid/baby socks, and I adjusted the size of the zig-zag to fit on the smaller sock. In the picture you can see the nice zig-zag patter on the top of the sock.  (The heel is on the bottom.) The sock doesn’t lie particularly flat.  I’m going to try blocking them a bit to see if that helps.  I’m not sure I want to do a standard side-lying sock block though, because it seems like that would interfere with the pattern.  I’m going to try blocking them just as you see above.  Here’s a side-lying sock picture:

Cassie's Kalajoki Socks, side view

Cassie’s Kalajoki Socks, side view

Have you ever made a fancy sock pattern?  Which one did you use?


Knitting and Crochet Blog Week


It’s Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, who knew? I found out from ForTheKnitOfIt, who linked to what seems to be the main site for it at EskimimiMakes. She presents four different types of knitters and asks us to blog about which one we are.  I’m definitely the Monkey type:

The House of Monkey: Intelligent and with a fun loving side, Monkeys like to be challenged with every project presenting them with something new and interesting.

This is also something I learned from ForTheKnitOfIt in her post What Knitting is to Me and Too Many WIPs! She described it as being a “process knitter” vs a “product knitter.” I definitely like the process, but even more than that.  I like learning new patterns and new ways to do things.  If I’m not learning something new in the pattern, I’m not interested.

However, I’m also the kind of person who can’t do something and not get a result out, so I work pretty hard to finish what I start.  If it’s big it doesn’t always happen, hence the baby socks.  I get the best of both worlds: learning new patterns (especially learning the toe an heel were interesting, now they’re starting to get mundane unfortunately) and having a project small enough that I can actually finish it.  Oh, and keeping my baby’s feet warm too, yeah, that.  🙂knitBlogWeek2013Monkey

Brioche Italian Bind Off


Thank goodness for videos on the internet. After an hour and a half of trying to bind off my scarf (I mean, it’s only like 24 stitches, how hard could it be?!), I decided the instructions in the book just weren’t good enough. I found this youtube video. I can see what she’s doing and it’s not what I was trying to do at all. I will try following along with the video this evening, and if I have success with it I will post a picture of the finished scarf tomorrow. 🙂

Tycho’s first sock to heel

For Tycho’s socks (he’s 2.5 yrs old) I’m using the yarn listed in the previous post. Note that I added a pic of the label of the yarn to that post, if you’re interested.

On Cassie’s socks I realized that with the stripey yarn, it doesn’t make so much sense to do the short-row toe; the magic toe gives a more symmetric stripe pattern around the toe.  So on these socks I’m doing the magic toe, though I’m keeping the short row heel.  In the end, this yarn doesn’t stripe up as strongly as Cassie’s yarn did, so it probably didn’t matter.

Talking to a lady at a LYS (Gene Ann’s) near Chicago she showed me how to use two circular needles to do socks, so I’m trying that on these.  Right now I like it.

These socks are 40 stitches around, and 4.25 inches from the toe until I started the heel. I LOVE these colors.  Fortunately the yarn came in a ginormous skein, so I can make baby socks out of it until I die, probably. 😛

Tycho's sock to heel

Tycho socks

Now it’s time to make socks forTycho.  I picked up this yarn for his socks at a LYS when I was in Texas for LPSC.

Yarn bought in Texas

It should make pretty socks! I’ve got the first sock done to the heel. Will post a pic when I get one.

Here’s the label for it:

Colinette JitterBug yarn label