Cassie’s Kalajoki Socks

Cassie's Kalajoki Socks, top view

Cassie’s Kalajoki Socks, top view

Cassie wanted socks made out of the yarn I used for my niece. My description of the pattern I used is on ravelry as Cassie’s Kalajoki Socks. I wanted to make socks with a fancy pattern on the front. A quick ravelry search lead me to the Kalajoki pattern. I liked the nice smooth zig-zag pattern, and wanted to know how it was done, so I decided to use it.  I used the standard sock pattern I’ve been using to make kid/baby socks, and I adjusted the size of the zig-zag to fit on the smaller sock. In the picture you can see the nice zig-zag patter on the top of the sock.  (The heel is on the bottom.) The sock doesn’t lie particularly flat.  I’m going to try blocking them a bit to see if that helps.  I’m not sure I want to do a standard side-lying sock block though, because it seems like that would interfere with the pattern.  I’m going to try blocking them just as you see above.  Here’s a side-lying sock picture:

Cassie's Kalajoki Socks, side view

Cassie’s Kalajoki Socks, side view

Have you ever made a fancy sock pattern?  Which one did you use?


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