Tycho’s first sock to heel

For Tycho’s socks (he’s 2.5 yrs old) I’m using the yarn listed in the previous post. Note that I added a pic of the label of the yarn to that post, if you’re interested.

On Cassie’s socks I realized that with the stripey yarn, it doesn’t make so much sense to do the short-row toe; the magic toe gives a more symmetric stripe pattern around the toe.  So on these socks I’m doing the magic toe, though I’m keeping the short row heel.  In the end, this yarn doesn’t stripe up as strongly as Cassie’s yarn did, so it probably didn’t matter.

Talking to a lady at a LYS (Gene Ann’s) near Chicago she showed me how to use two circular needles to do socks, so I’m trying that on these.  Right now I like it.

These socks are 40 stitches around, and 4.25 inches from the toe until I started the heel. I LOVE these colors.  Fortunately the yarn came in a ginormous skein, so I can make baby socks out of it until I die, probably. 😛

Tycho's sock to heel


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